Welcome to Norfolk Island

Fancy an unusual island getaway? It’s hard to believe Norfolk Island’s history of carnage if you were a visitor today on this peaceful and pristine Island. Convict ruins and the historic Bloody Bridge stand in stark contrast to the tranquil views seen from Mt Pitt while on Norfolk Island holidays.

There are many special features on the island, including the mild tropical weather conditions. The Norfolk Island pine is a symbol of the island’s beauty and is found on their flag.

Your holiday adventure in Norfolk Island can be jam-packed full of history ranging from Captain Cook’s discovery to the Bounty and more. Kingston has museums featuring HMS Bounty remnants and old Pitcairn Island treasures at the Pitcairn Settlers Village.

A scenic tour around Norfolk Island is affordable with a rental car. Be sure to check out the Island maps on line which have tourist information and the locations of Norfolk Island beaches. Emily bay is the main place to swim, whilst other aquatic spots are at Slaughter Bay and Duncombe Bay. Phillip and Nepean islands are within kilometres of Norfolk.

If the tranquillity of your Norfolk Island vacation is too sedate, then check out the large array of shops in Norfolk Island. There is one main street in Burnt Pine that stocks all the low-tax specials, so make sure you check it out.

Norfolk Island isn't just about pine trees and convict ruins, the Island also has a number of good restaurants to choose from, as well as shopping outlets and tour options. Surfing and sunbaking on the beach are another 2 options that visitors can do.

There are flights to Norfolk Island from Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland. It’s essential to pre-book your accommodation. Travelling to Norfolk Island is cheap and easy and further information can be found from Norfolk Island Tourism.